Village of Corrales New Public Works Facility


The Village of Corrales had acquired a large empty storage building when they purchased the old Jones property several years ago.

The public works staff was crammed into an old fire station building and needed their own space desperately.

When bond monies became available, the Village decided it was time to give public works their own facility to house operations and equipment.

So, instead of incurring the cost and time of hiring an independent Architect and the disappointment of an over-budget design, they turned to integrated design-build firm FacilityBUILD.

Our Design-Build team, consisting of Architects/Engineers, and Construction professionals immediately went to work assessing and planning the new purpose for the old structure.  All the while, making sure the design and construction targeted the project budget.

The design objectives were to build offices, kitchen and bathroom, new electrical, mechanical, and plumbing, new overhead doors, windows and insulation, as well as concrete in-fill of dirt flooring areas.

The Design-Build project was designed and constructed in less than 9 months and delivered through one of our Statewide Price Agreements. And the best part, it was constructed within project budget to the satisfaction of the Village of Corrales.

Thanks to the support and participation of the Mayor, Village Administrator and Public Works Director, this project was a resounding success.