On-Time • On-Budget • On-Call

FacilityBUILD, Inc. provides construction and Facility support services to Educational, Municipalities, State and Federal Governmental accounts using Job Order Contracting.

A Job Order Contract (JOC) is a long-term indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for construction services. JOC’s are delivered on an on-call basis through firm, fixed price delivery orders based upon pre-established unit prices.

FacilityBUILD, Inc. holds many Job Order Contracts. We can help select the right JOC contract to meet your needs, and purchasing requirements. Click here for “How it Works.”

Our value proposition is our ability to plan, design, permit, and then construct in one seamless operation. You deal with one company for all stages of construction which saves you money, and results in faster project completion. “How it Works.”

The JOC project delivery methods has many important advantages, including:

· Reduces cost & complexity of multiple project solicitations

· Cost-Effective, seamless combination of design, permitting and construction

· Faster completion times & flexible project scheduling

· Allows for contractor price input & Design review

· Comprehensive price books include all facility products, equipment & all trade prices

· Can accommodate multiple locations & rural areas

· Non-adversarial approach

· Provides a versatile “tool” to reduce backlog of facility projects

JOC’s became popular in the early 1980’s when the U.S. Military devised the method as a way to overcome problems with the traditional Design-Bid-Build (DBB) method. Using the old DBB method, every project, regardless of size, had to be designed and then bid, with the award going to the lowest bidder, which in many cases was not the most qualified.

Going through this time consuming procedure for every little job became impractical. Once JOC’s were employed, the common occurrences of construction delays, cost over-runs and quality disputes were successfully reduced.

Essentially, JOC provides owners with an on-call general contractor who is familiar with the facilities and the owner’s needs.

We can complete almost any type of project including:

· Facility Repairs and Improvements

· New Facilities Construction

· Building Renovations

· HVAC Upgrades

· Electrical/Controls Upgrades

· ADA Compliance

· Infrastructure Improvements

· Paving, Curb, and Gutter

· Installation of Modular Buildings

· Recreational/Athletic Products & Equipment


Who is using JOC Today?

· Colleges & Universities

· K-12 Public Schools

· Multi-Facility Organizations

· Municipalities

· County Governments

· Charter Schools

· State Agencies

· Airports

· Federal Agencies

· National Laboratories

· National Guard