Taos County Operations Center

Taos Senior Center
Taos County Operations Center

Taos County operations staff were uncomfortably squeezed into various old inadequate spaces that had been cobbled together over the years.

Thanks to the vision and persistence of County Manager Brent Jaramillo and county commissioners, a plan for a new larger modern facility was in the queue.

So, instead of incurring the cost and time of hiring an independent Architect and the likely disappointment of an over-budget design, they turned to FacilityBUILD’s integrated design-build approach. 

Our integrated Design-Build team, consisting of Architects/Engineers, and Construction professionals immediately went to work assessing and planning. Several meetings with operations staff later, a functional facility design emerged.

The plan included an approximately 30,000 SF facility that housed administration staff, large training and conference room, kitchen, high-bay mechanic’s work areas, equipment storage area, restrooms/showers, and modern access control, under one roof.

Because the available project funding was limited, the Design-Build team decided to break the project into two phases, and by specifying a pre-engineered metal building to minimize cost and maximize building life

The Design-Build project was designed and constructed in about 18 months and delivered through our CES Job Order Contract. Because Taos County was able to secure funding for the second phase, before the first phase was constructed, Taos County got the modern operations facility that they always wanted.

Thanks to the support and participation of the Taos County Manager, County Construction Manager and operations department personnel, the multi-function building project was a complete success