Collaboration:  process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize or achieve something successfully.

Design-Assist is the collaborative procurement method by which, prior to completion of design, a construction contract is awarded on a best value basis pursuant to which a Contractor provides design assistance to the Architect/Engineer.

We get it and we respect it

You have a relationship with an Architect/Engineer that has served your facility needs well over the years.  Bring us in early during design and we collaborate with the Facility users and Architect/Engineer.  We bring our value-engineering and constructability knowledge to focus on making sure the design reflects your needs and project budget.

Best Value

Through design development meetings with the design-build team, the building design began to take shape.   FacilityBUILD assisted the Owners in locating suitable land, building permits were acquired, and construction began

When you think about it, why wouldn’t you want to bring a Contractor you can trust to the table during project design? The best value benefits are too great to ignore:

  • Recognizes the Contractor as an important part of the project success team
  • Value-engineering begins in design and continues through construction
  • Reduces risk to Owner
  • Design is aligned with project budget to avoid project pricing surprises
  • Increases project team collaboration and innovation
  • Reduces potential for project change orders
  • Creates a hassle-free, enjoyable construction experience

Over-budget Project? Don’t give up!

We’ve rescued countless projects (click here for project success stories) that were designed and bid and stalled out due to budget constraints. Bring us in and we’ll work with you and your Architect/Engineer to re-design and value-engineer to your project budget. That is what the collaborative approach is all about