Old Corrales Valley Fire Station Re-purposed

Old Corrales Valley Fire Station Re-purposed
Old Corrales Valley Fire Station Re-purposed

The Village of Corrales needed more space. Their planning and zoning (P&Z) and animal control staff were crammed into inadequate space in their administration complex.

They had another building on their grounds that once housed the old Corrales Valley Fire Station. The Mayor and Village Administrator had the idea of re-purposing this old building for use by P&Z and animal control personal.

Having used FacilityBUILD’s simplified construction process on other projects, they brought us in to assess the old fire station for re-purposing. 

Our in-house architects and construction professionals created architectural plans that would transform the old dilapidated fire house into a modern facility without expanding the building’s footprint.

It was important to the Mayor and the Village Administrator that the old firehouse retain its historical character.  So, our re-purposing plan included keeping the building looking like a firehouse.

The interior was demolished.  Mold and asbestos removed, and a new modern TPO roof and exterior insulation synthetic stucco system installed.  The old firehouse overhead doors were removed and replaced with modern glass storefront.  The interior space was kept open to reflect the feel of a firehouse. The two (2) separate purposes (P&Z and animal control) were separated, but both had access to new common bathrooms and kitchen.

The project, from design through construction completion, took nine (9) months. The project was a resounding success thanks to Leadership and cooperation of the Village of Corrales Mayor Jo Anne Roake, Village Administrator Ron Curry, Public Works Director Michael Chavez and P&Z Administrator Laurie Stout