What kind of Customers does FacilityBUILD do business with?

We specialize exclusively in serving the facility construction needs of Educational, Governmental, and Corporate accounts.

I have some ideas and construction needs at my facilities, but don’t know how to get started. How can you help?

We begin by meeting with you at your site to discuss your ideas and needs. Using our design/construction expertise and your knowledge of your facilities, we will arrive upon a mutually agreed upon scope-of-work. We then provide you a conceptual site plan free-of-charge. These design plans usually go through several revisions before being finalized. This process develops the ideas into an agreed-upon design. Once cost-estimating is complete, we provide you with a written proposal detailing the scope-of-work and associated costs.

I’m in a hurry to get a proposal. How long does this process usually take?

Typically, depending upon the size and complexity of the project, it can take anywhere from a few weeks for smaller projects to several months for larger ones. However, we can expedite the process for projects that necessitate a shorter deadline.

If we decide to accept your proposal, how do we know that we are getting the best possible value for our money?

Our value lies in our ability to plan, design, permit, and then construct in one seamless operation. Our project delivery methods are proven to be faster and less expensive than other methods. We also offer open-book pricing and cost breakdowns that show you exactly where your money is going.

What kinds of project contracting options do you offer, A public school or government agency?

What kinds of project contracting options do you offer, A public school or government agency?

If I already hired an Architect/Engineer (A/E) and have a set of plans, would FacilityBUILD still give me a proposal?

Yes. We will use our construction and cost knowledge to help “value engineer” the project to your budget. We can also offer a constructability review, schedule development, subcontractor selection advice, permitting, etc. This allows you to use your current plans while maximizing the cost-savings and convenience of the proven FacilityBUILD construction process.

How do you assure us that you can deliver your Project on-schedule, on-budget, and also meet the high quality expectations of our organization?

In order to ensure that we meet these expectations, we have developed our own proprietary quality control program called QualPRO®. This program codifies the many unique processes that we employ at FacilityBUILD to deliver what we promise. It is a complete project management system that uses software, forms and quality checklists to ensure that schedule, budget and quality control are not mutually exclusive.

I’ve used Contractors in the past that were disruptive to the operations of my facilities. How do you deal with this.

Specialize in existing Facilities Construction. That means that we are experienced in constructing in and around occupied facilities. Our staff is trained on our proprietary QualPRO® quality assurance program that specifies the unique way in which we protect your facilities and your employees and the public during construction. Our initial project plan and schedule will address your concerns and will act to minimize disruptions and keep work areas clean and dust-free.

My office is not located at the project site. how do you communicate project progress to me?

We email a weekly one-page summary project progress report to you that details the percent complete across 16 construction trade divisions with comments and action items.

Who will be in charge of my project and who do I contact if there is a problem?

Each project is assigned a Project Manager. S/he will oversee your project and coordinate all design development, cost-estimating, permitting, and construction. Each account is also assigned an Account Representative who will serve as a main point of contact if there is ever a problem. You will have direct access to your Account Representative.

What if I don’t know anything about construction?

We have worked with the most novice and the most experienced clientele in regards to design and construction. Because of this, we are able to meet you where you are at and serve as both your trustworthy Construction Advisors and detail-oriented General Contractors. We maintain a fast, flexible, and friendly corporate culture that has lead to the successful completion of thousands of projects for a wide range of clientele.

My facilities are a long way from your company headquarters, how can you supervise my project from a distance?

Our adherence to the project management processes detailed in our QualPRO® quality assurance system allows us to effectively manage construction projects anywhere within the Southwestern United States. Our extensive database of Subcontractors and Suppliers allow us to assemble the right team for the right location.

We have several high-quality local subcontractors and suppliers in our community that we would like to be included on our projects. Would FacilityBUILD consider using these local companies?

Yes. As a locally-owned and operated business ourselves, we are very sensitive to making sure that local companies participate. We welcome local vendor participation and value your recommendations. Simply provide us with the names of these preferred vendors and we will make sure they are included in the process..