Los Lunas Transportation Center

The dream of a major improvement to the Village of Los Lunas transportation center had come to a full-stop.

The Village had hired an Architect to complete a master plan that among other improvements, would transform a dirt parking lot into an outdoor event center connected to the New Mexico rail runner stop.

The dream was to create patio hardscapes and landscapes that would make the area an inviting outdoor pavilion complex for meeting and entertaining. As well, the plan would re-route a paved road in and out of the complex creating safer and more convenient access. The facility improvements were also meant to increase the ridership of the rail runner. 

The project plans were finalized and competitively bid, only to disappoint all stakeholders. The Village received only one bid that was way over-budget by more than a million dollars.

The Los Lunas Transportation Center project had met an untimely roadblock. The problem was not only budgetary, but the project had to be completed for an important July 4th event.

The Village reached out to FacilityBUILD, knowing that they had the ability to get stalled-out projects moving again, using value-engineering processes and one of their many On-call/Job Order Contracts.

FacilityBUILD stepped in and examined the construction cost components and in conjunction with the Architect, devised a plan to value-engineer and de-scope the project to the original budget.

While FacilityBUILD handled the constructed improvements, to save time and money the Village contracted directly with a local landscape contractor for the landscape portion of the work. The fast, friendly and flexible nature of Job Order Contracts allowed this.

By incorporating some design changes, dividing the work up between two contractors, the project was completed in time for the July 4th celebration for the original budget. Thanks to FacilityBUILD, Sites Southwest, and Rio Grande Landscapes, the project was a complete success.