Gonstead Physical Medicine

Gonstead Physical Medicine
Gonstead Physical Medicine

The owners of Gonstead Physical medicine had a dream of owning their own state-of-the-art physical medicine facility in Rio Rancho.

They had previously leased space, but never were able to make generic leased office space work for them.  Their dynamic business was growing rapidly and they needed additional customized space that met their unique needs.

Their existing Westside lease was expiring in a year, so time was of the essence.  Things had to move fast! 

The Owners reached out to FacilityBUILD knowing our reputation for fast-track design-build construction that transforms dreams into reality. There was a lot to do to get started.  Land had to be acquired.  Space planning and exterior/interior design had to begin and had to meet project budget.

FacilityBUILD rallied the design-build team, including Owners, Architects, Subcontractors and Suppliers, and began the process of developing the project on a fast-track project completion schedule.

Through design development meetings with the design-build team, the building design began to take shape.   FacilityBUILD assisted the Owners in locating suitable land, building permits were acquired, and construction began

The Owners took possession of their new custom state-of-the-art building and moved in and opened for business with an exciting ribbon cutting ceremony.  The Owner’s dream realized: On-Budget and On-Time.