Bring All The Pieces Together

We Started This Company Out of Frustration.

It used old-fashioned Design-Bid-Build project delivery methods that were time and money consuming, and caused adversarial relationships between owners, architects, and contractors.

Project design was handled independently. It was painfully slow, and seemed to have no regard for the Client’s budget

Communication was poor, causing unnecessary change-orders and schedule delays.

Quality seemed to be what you could get by with, when no one was looking

Construction pricing was inconsistent and lacked sufficient detail to understand what you were paying for.

Facility Owners/Operators told us they were tired of the “Lies” and “Surprises” of construction..

At the end of the project, it just seemed like you never got what you really wanted and the process was time-consuming, intimidating, even painful.

So… We created the kind of Construction Company the Facility Owner/Operators wanted, but couldn’t find.

To get started we had to find something better, and what we discovered was the answer to the vast majority of everyday construction needs: Design-Build.

We design, permit and construction in one seamless operation.

Since perfecting this integrated collaborative​ approach to facilities construction, FacilityBUILD has reduced the frustration of countless Facility Owners/Operators. We can do the same for you. Click here to see “How it Works”..

Brian J. Kilcup