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Ritch Hall, Western New Mexico University (WNMU)

Originally constructed in 1907 as a women’s dormitory, Ritch Hall was in serious need of renovation. Ritch Hall’s rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms were small and out-dated. Design objectives were challenging to say the least.. Making design efforts more difficult, Ritch Hall was out of compliance with ADA requirements and was a registered cultural/historical building. WNMU chose FacilityBUILD, knowing that integrated Design-Build, delivered through a Job-Order Contract, was the only way to get Ritch Hall modernized and in compliance within the limited project budget and timeline.

City of Grants Logo

Life Long Learning Center

The city of Grants acquired an old abandoned ALCO retail building and commissioned an Architect in 2008 to develop their concept into a workable set of project bidding documents. When the original Architect was contacted to complete the 80% plans in order for the City to competitively bid the project, they were told that they would be charged over $200k!. Realizing that this would impact their limited project budget, Grants chose FacilityBUILD to bring the project to reality. Having heard of our reputation for moving projects off the shelf, to a quality build, on-budget. The project was completed without a hitch, and the library moved into its new space in 2017 after roughly a year of construction. We are also proud to have recently learned they have a new coffee shop tenant in the space now catering the community with hot drinks, and delicious Panini's!.


National Hispanic Cultural Center

LIts 20-acre campus was constructed in phases starting in 2000. Due to the phased construction of the various buildings, the facility never had a landscaped entrance worthy of its importance in the community. Due to the aggressive project timeline, the project was Value-Engineered and Fast-Tracked. FacilityBUILD took charge and established weekly design and construction meetings to make sure the design development targeted the limited budget of the project. .

Sunport Landside Project

The Albuquerque International Airport (Sunport) had a problem demanding a quick, cost-efficient solution. The Sunport’s on-site parking structure drive-thru checkout facility, that is a significant source of revenue, was in serious need of an update. The existing facility had been in operation for decades and was not originally designed to accommodate modern larger vehicles. After weighting options, Sunport facilities staff, chose FacilityBUILD to design and construct a solution to this complicated problem. A complicated project because you can’t shutdown an airport parking structure during demolition and construction.

Los Lunas Logo

Village of Los Lunas Sports Complex

We love building fun stuff! and we love to rescue projects. The flatwork and gazebo project for the Village of Los Lunas was in danger of not happening because the Village was about to lose the money allocated unless they got the project started by June 30th, So, they turned to FacilityBUILD to design and construct in order to expedite the project completion. . The scope included the preparation and installation of approximately 22,000 sf of finished colored concrete, as well as a brand new powder-coated metal gazebo complete with ADA compliance and electrical for use by musical acts during summer festivals

Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College had a difficult problem. Years of inconsistent facility construction which included many different Architects/Engineers and low-bid General Contractors had led to a crisis. A wheelchair-bound student's complaint leads to an investigation by the US Department of Education. USDOL found numerous deficiencies in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. FacilityBUILD immediately assigned a Design-Build team to the project that conducted an ADA inspection and correction plan. FacilityBUILD's in-house ADA specialists were able to work on behalf of SFCC and design a correction plan that was approved by USDOL

The Press Room Cafe

The 6-story downtown Albuquerque Lobo Rainforest Building is described as a human innovation ecosystem in which creativity, business acumen, scientific discovery, investment capital come together in a fertile environment that grows thriving, sustainable enterprises. The coffee shop build-out was a small one, but complicated, with many stakeholders. Our small project team took the coffee shop order seriously. An aggressive project budget and timeline meant the project was Value-Engineered and Fast-Tracked. FacilityBUILD jumped-in and established weekly design and construction meetings to make sure the construction schedule was kept “piping hot” for the construction team. Through the collaborative effort of design and construction working together, the Coffee shop was built on-schedule and budget.

The Sky Center at Ortiz

SkyCenter, the New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project, and Santa Fe Public Schools, there host, had a serious time and budget issue. Devargas Elementary School was scheduled to be demolished and SkyCenter needed a new home. A program as important as “suicide intervention” cannot go a single day without a facility in which to do their life-saving work. Santa Fe Schools reached out to FacilityBUILD knowing that Design-Build was the only way to get SkyCenter into a new location in the short time allotted and limited budget. The project was designed, permitted and constructed in one seamless on-budget operation SkyCenter’s new expanded location at Ortiz Middle School was up and running on-time. There most important mission of preventing suicides continues.