Village of Corrales Fire Station Dormitory Addition

Village of Corrales Forestation Dormitory
Village of Corrales Forestation Dormitory

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the Corrales Fire Department in an unusual way. They have to be ready when duty calls. Quarantined in their fire station to prevent virus outbreak amongst their staff and volunteers, they had an immediate need to house their firefighters over-night.

Having renovated their Kitchen and constructing their Gym last year, they turned to the Architects and Construction Managers at FacilityBUILD for solutions.

Anticipating a dormitory addition as a later phase, the Design-Build team, including Corrales fire station Chief Anthony Martinez and Commander Tanya Lattin, had already designed and constructed a one-story Gym building that was ready for a second story dormitory addition.

While not easy during the worst of the pandemic, the project was designed and constructed in less than 6 months using FacilityBUILD’s covid-19 construction protocols. And the best part it was constructed within project budget to the satisfaction of our Client, without virus outbreak.

Today, the Corrales fire station has a new expanded kitchen, Gym and brand-new dormitory for the brave fire men and woman to use and better serve the public.

Chief Martinez and Tanya Lattin care about their people and the public they serve. They demonstrate this every day. We are proud to have designed and built them a place for their firefighters to safely over-night.