Mary Esther Gonzales Senior Center


Often times in the construction industry, particularly the public sector, budgets are the main constraint to a project being a success or possibly not even being completed at all!  This was the case on our recent project for the City of Santa Fe.

We received a call from our client who was in a panic, they received a bid back from a local contractor that was a long reach from their initial budget.  This was frustrating for the city, the drawings were 100% ready to go from the architect, yet they couldn’t find a contractor to help them construct the project within the budgeted amount.

We were asked to take on the challenge ourselves, the money was ready and they desperately wanted break ground on the addition to the senior center.  We immediately send out the drawings for pricing, once we received all the costs (including subcontractor quotes) we sat down with our representatives from the city for an important brainstorming meeting.  We looked at every dollar going into the project, and in what we believe was a true collaborative effort a decision was reached.   

Through smart value engineering we navigated to cost and got to the customers budget, down to the dollar!.

However this represented another problem for the project, there was ZERO additional funds in case of emergency or change to the project. because of this we had to get very creative in avoiding potential extra costs and delays.  Our project manager and superintendent were instrumental in getting the project no only on budget, but on time as well..

A few months later and you will find the addition in full use at Mary Esther Gonzalez Senior Center, and we are proud to have been apart of yet another successful, collaborative, and quality project