Village of Corrales Fire Station Kitchen and Gym addition

The Village of Corrales was frustrated.  The Engineer and Architect that they had hired to design their new addition had taken over a year of design/engineering.  The village had paid over $30,000 in design fees with little to show for it.

To make matters worse, preliminary pricing was substantially over their project budget.

So, they turned to integrated design-build firm FacilityBUILD for help in an effort to save the project.

Undaunted by the challenge, our Design-Build team, consisting of Architects/Engineers, and Construction professionals got busy.

After an initial assessment of the planned design, it was determined that the project was unfeasible on both a cost and constructability basis.

Our Design-Build team, including Corrales fire station Chief Anthony Martinez and Tanya Lattin, rolled up our collective sleeves and got to work on a new design that included their project design goals and targeted their budget.

After several design iterations and cost review meetings, the project began rising from the ashes.

Thanks to the support and participation of the Mayor, Village Administrator and Public Works Director, this project was a resounding success.

The project was re-designed and constructed in less than a year. And the best part it was constructed within project budget to the satisfaction of our Client.

Today, the Corrales fire station has a new expanded kitchen and Gym for the firemen and woman to use and better serve the public.

Chief Martinez and Tanya Lattin care about their people and the public they serve. They demonstrate this every day. We are proud to have been of service to them.

Check out this video of Chief Martinez and Tanya Lattin in action on the Rio Grande river saving lives on July 4th weekend, 2019..