Sunport Landside Project

The Albuquerque International Airport (Sunport) had a problem demanding a quick, cost-efficient solution.

The Sunport’s on-site parking structure drive-thru checkout facility, that is a significant source of revenue, was in serious need of an update.  The existing facility had been in operation for decades and was not originally designed to accommodate modern larger vehicles.

This often caused dangerous encounters, where large vehicles often would have to drive up on a sidewalk to exit.  In addition, existing electronic data/communications equipment was seriously out-of-date. 

After weighting options, Sunport facilities staff, chose FacilityBUILD to design and construct a solution to this complicated problem.  A complicated project because you can’t shutdown an airport parking structure during demolition and construction.

Design-Build was chosen due to the project needing to be fast-tracked and costs kept to a limited project budget.  By choosing FacilityBUILD, Sunport saved the time, expense and confrontation of separate design engineers and contractors.

A phased project schedule was developed, and FacilityBUILD successfully designed and constructed the new modern landside pay structure on schedule and budget

The best part was the Sunport parking structure continued operation during all demolition and construction phases, including switch-over to the new booths and automated integrated technology systems

Many thanks to the Sunport facilities staff, FacilityBUILD’s Design-BUILD team, time equipment company, and B&D electric for outstanding effort and cooperation in making this difficult Project another success story.