Santa Fe Community College

Santa Fe Community College had a difficult problem. Years of inconsistent facility construction which included many different Architects/Engineers and low-bid General Contractors had led to a crisis.

A wheelchair-bound student's complaint leads to an investigation by the US Department of Education. USDOL found numerous deficiencies in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

SFCC and USDOL entered into an agreement by which SFCC agreed to correct the barriers to access identified during the inspection, by an agreed upon date. 

Because time was of the essence, and SFCC was already familiar with the advantages of Job-Order Contracting and Design-Build, SFCC contacted FacilityBUILD to help meet this monumental challenge.

FacilityBUILD immediately assigned a Design-Build team to the project that conducted an ADA inspection and correction plan. FacilityBUILD's in-house ADA specialists were able to work on behalf of SFCC and design a correction plan that was approved by USDOL.

In order to meet the agreement order's completion date for ADA corrections, FacilityBUILD quickly moved forward with plans, permits and construction. From the time of initial site visit, the FacilityBUILD Design-Build team produced a permit-ready set of plans and specifications in 23 days.. 

The scope-of-work included correction of ADA deficiency corrections in 14 toilet rooms and a major ADA renovation effort of locker rooms.

The work was scheduled to be completed in part over the winter break when student education would be least impacted.

All construction was planned/designed, permitted, performed, inspected and substantially completed in 62 days at a cost of less than $400,000.

FacilityBUILD constructed the difficult project ahead of schedule and was able to exceed the expectations of SFCC, and the demands of USDOL, through the use of Job-Order Contracting and Design-Build.