The Press Room Cafe

When you need Coffee, you really want it NOW!.

So when Nusenda requested a corner coffee shop in their space in the Lobo Rainforest building, we couldn’t wait to build it!  Okay, so were a little nuts about coffee.

The 6-story downtown Albuquerque Lobo Rainforest Building is described as a human innovation ecosystem in which creativity, business acumen, scientific discovery, investment capital come together in a fertile environment that grows thriving, sustainable enterprises. 

But, wait, you can’t do all of that without coffee, right?.

The coffee shop build-out was a small one, but complicated, with many stakeholders.  Our small project team took the coffee shop order seriously.  An aggressive project budget and timeline meant the project was Value-Engineered and Fast-Tracked.

FacilityBUILD jumped-in and established weekly design and construction meetings to make sure the construction schedule was kept “piping hot” for the construction team. 

Through the collaborative effort of design and construction working together, the Coffee shop was built on-schedule and budget.

Thanks to the extraordinary dedication of Fred Gorenz of Goodman, UNM, Nusenda, Joe Slagel Architects, and the FacilityBUILD construction team, the project was a complete success.  And has been spurring innovation by serving delicious coffee, tea, smoothies and treats since opening in early 2018..

Please see for yourself and enjoy a cup when you’re in the neighborhood.