"Pre-engineered" means a less costly and time-consuming building process."

Pre-engineered metal buildings are a proven low-cost building system that has withstood the test of time for more than 80 years. They are the building system of choice for Clients who want: pleasing architectural designs, speed-of-erection, flexibility of exterior and interior finishes, and low-cost building footprint.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed and constructed to meet almost any budget, configuration, or functional use. Using pre-fabricated structural components and a guaranteed water-tight metal roofing system, they can be designed, permitted and erected quickly.

They are then enclosed in a variety of building materials including: metal propanel, stucco, concrete masonry units, insulated exterior and finish systems, etc. The interior possibilities are endless, running the gamut from open storage/warehouse space to offices or even gymnasiums/fitness centers.

6 Reasons to choose a Metal Building

1. Performance: Metal buildings have high wind, fire and hail resistance. They are durable and have been proven to last longer than most other building systems.

2. Time: Metal buildings can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional construction. Therefore, they cost substantially less. they are ideal for companies/organizations that want to minimize downtime and are looking for fast-occupancy. Both construction time and weather interruptions are reduced because most of the building components are factory-built

3. Flexibility: Metal building system can be modified quickly and economically. This is true before, during, and after construction. For example, should you decide to expand your facility, it can be as simple as removing an end or side wall, erecting new framework and adding matching wall and roof panels.

4. Cost Savings: Pre-engineered metal buildings system offer more value per dollar because:.

· On-site labor needs are greatly reduced

· Pre-formed steel framing eliminates cutting and fitting components on-site

· Sections of pre-fabricated steel walls are quickly assembled

· Field design changes are far less costly to implement

5. Versatility: Metal buildings can be used for almost any imaginable purpose. They are currently being used nationwide for office buildings, schools, gymnasiums, warehouses, churches, banks, factories, community centers, showrooms, shops, etc.

6. Environmentally Friendly: An estimated 20 Million pounds of building demolition debris heads to landfills every year. Metal building components are simple recycled..