The fastest and cost-effective way to add space, especially in rural locations.

With rising costs of construction and shrinking budgets, factory-built buildings represent the wave of the future. At FacilityBUILD, we have participated in this developing trend for many years.

With modular buildings, more than 90% of the construction process takes place in a factory. The building is then transported to the site in pieces and assembled into a single structure.

Customized modular buildings appear and function no different then conventional on-site constructed building(s). To the eye, they look the same as traditional construction. Yet, the reduced cost per square foot and the reduced time to occupy represent a huge difference. In rural locations, the advantage of modular construction are even greater. Due to the limited supplier and subcontractor resources, factory-built buildings are the way to go.

Customized modular construction begins with a needs assessment, then a design drawings detailing your specific requirements and discussion of budget. The design/plan is then forwarded to several modular manufactures for pricing. We can help you select the best modular building manufacturer based upon their various specialties and our experience with them.

Once a manufacturer has been selected and contracts signed, FacilityBUILD will proceed with the necessary design development, permitting, sitework and infrastructure required to accommodate the modular building(s) placement on-site. The modular building components are designed and manufactured to be shipped by truck to your location and assembled in-place. After the modular components are assembled, FacilityBUILD completes the project with customized finishing touches to give your building the customized look you want.